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OBSERV Skin Scan

Our skin is a complex masterpiece that goes far beyond what the naked eye can see. The advanced OBSERV 520 camera technology peels back the layers, allowing us to explore your skin’s true condition and craft a bespoke treatment plan tailored just for you. 

We can discover what lies beneath:

  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines. Spot potential signs of ageing, even those not yet visible.
  • Sebum Levels. Understand the oil content of your skin for tailored moisture management.
  • Pigmentation. Examine freckles, sunspots, and age spots with precision.
  • Texture & Pore Size. Assess and refine your skin's surface.
  • Moisture Content. Ensure your skin stays hydrated and healthy.
  • Overall Tone & Health. Get a comprehensive view of your skin's current state.

The OBSERV generates six detailed images in seconds, giving your skin therapist the insights needed to offer personalised advice and strategies for your skin’s optimal health.




30 Minutes | 79 (redeemable on any purchase)
This OBSERV is an advanced diagnostic tool that provides a detailed view beneath the skin's surface, revealing key insights into your skin’s health and appearance. The OBSERV helps identify underlying sun damage, oil distribution, hydration levels, and collagen density, crucial for tailoring a personalised skincare regimen. Using the OBSERV we offer customised care and can see your skin transform with precise, evidence-based recommendations. During this consult, we will guide you through a deeper understanding of your skin's true needs.