Laser Hair Removal & Laser Skin Resurfacing (IPL)

Sanctum IPL 
Anthélia® Dermato-Aesthetic Medical IPL with Rafale Technology

The new gold standard


No more waxing, No more shaving, your skin will be soft and smooth! "More advanced than Lasers, the Anthélia® IPL is the technology proven to treat unwanted hair safely on any hair type - in addition to working on all skin colours.”

The Anthélia® with Rafale Technology is unique in that it does not rely only on the hair pigment to absorb the light energy, meaning it can effectively target light coloured hair shades including white, blonde, red and grey.

The Anthélia® is a French precision manufactured medical grade machine, with no less than 17 international patents to vouch for its effectiveness.

The Anthélia® with Rafale Technology delivers spectacular performance with safe and very effective treatments and is now PAIN FREE!

The Rafale technology delivers the following unique benefits to our Sanctum clients 
  • Pain free treatment.
  • Smooth and continuous light that provides a faster treatment – 3 x faster than traditional IPL technology - perfect for large areas.
  • Treatments can be performed 48 hours after sun exposure - traditional IPL technology warn against sun exposure four weeks before treatment.
  • Safer treatments, effectively treat darker complexions without risk of burning or hypopigmentation.
Now with the Anthélia® IPL with Rafale technology, permanent hair reduction just became even more accessible to all.



Your Sanctum Skin Therapist will analyse your skin to detect any concerns you may have. After this assessment you will be informed if you are a suitable candidate for IPL treatment.

During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask your Skin Therapist any questions you have regarding the IPL procedure. After the consultation your Skin Therapist will discuss what results you can expect to achieve with the recommended IPL programme.

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Our IPL machine is rigorously tested, and only operated by our experienced and highly qualified Skin Therapists.