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PediPeel is the salon only treatment that is designed to remove the hard skin that has developed on the heels or balls of your clients’ feet. It can be applied on dry feet prior to a pedicure OR can be applied after the soaking phase of a pedicure and can be done at two-week intervals. Hard skin on the heels of the feet is softened by PediPeel which facilitates easy removal by scraping and buffing. The result is cleaner and softer skin on the feet.

  • PediPeel takes the hard work out foot rasping and makes dangerous blading a thing of the past.
  • PediPeel gives your clients instant visible results each and every time.
  • PediPeel will not add any extra time to your pedicure treatments.
  • PediPeel can be added into your existing services with an upgrade charge of between $25-40

Foot Peel Home Kits

The main ingredients in The Foot Peel Home Kit is fruit acids which are very gentle, when compared with other acids. Fruit acid penetrates into the layer of dead skin cells and works on the desmosomes which lie between the skin layers. This activates the peeling process. The cells in the dermal layer are forced to the surface and then peel away naturally, due to the metabolic process.

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