Sanctum's New Appearance Nurse


Sanctum's vision is to provide the best Advanced Skin Treatments available to our clients, as part of this vision we are excited to introduce our own in-house Appearance Nurse Specialist - Freya Du Plessis.

Freya is a New Zealand Registered Nurse with over 17 years experience. She has worked in a variety of fields including Primary Healthcare, Emergency, Intensive Care and Plastic Surgical Nursing.

Freya specialises in Non-Surgical Medical Aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate the face, using premium products such BOTOX® and the leading ranges of dermal fillers.

Known for her light hands and natural looking results, she is one of the Bay of Plenty's most trusted and experienced non surgical facial aestheticians.

For many people, the words BOTOX®, fillers, or facial enhancement make us uncomfortable and we inwardly panic over the possibility of having our faces changed and morphed into a freaky version of our former self!. It’s not a wonder we feel this way, with popular TV shows and magazines of images that are debateable certainly not helping right?!.. But, if there is one thing I can assure you, it is that in my experience, clients just want to slow down the rate of aging, they are realistic that they are getting older, but just need some little changes that allow them to look refreshed, rested and natural and all the while, still a great impression of themself.

As a client, you have access to wonderful options for yourself and with professional, experienced care, you may find yourself dissapointed you did’nt give it a go sooner!.
"My aim is for others to look at my clients and think, “ wow they're looking great,” yet not be able to pinpoint exactly why.' - Freya

Establishing trust is extremely important to Freya. She offers a 30 minute consultation to get to know you better, listen to your concerns and offer guidance. In all her years of working in this specialised field, she had never lost sight of the fact that it is a big decision for people to even consider having treatment, after all it is their face! So you can relax in knowing, there is no obligation to proceed and you are not just a number through the door, but dont take our word for it, come in, have a chat and decide for yourself.

Contact the Spa today to book your consultation or appointment with Freya