Pure Fiji - Making a difference

It has been over a millennium since South Pacific Islanders sailed their open canoes across the Pacific, using stars, wind, wave rolls, and the warm Pacific Ocean currents to move from one island to the next.  Prior to civilization of the Pacific, these liquid currents were also a sea-lane for a flotilla of drift nuts and flowering plants that travelled the South Seas until they were washed ashore on our sandy beaches. Famed for their beauty, Pacific Islanders discovered early on the power of these exotic nuts which were used to cleanse, soften and protect their skin and hair.

 Pure Fiji brings you the best of these ancient traditions combined with advanced technology for today's natural body care.  Pure Fiji has complete line of natural beauty therapies containing uniquely Fijian plan extracts - hand selected to guarantee their highest quality.  Untouched tropical flora and the warm Pacific Ocean offer up exotic drift nut oils and powerful plant actives. Sugar cane, pineapple, papaya, passionflower and green coconut are freshly harvested and processed within hours to preserve their fresh bounty of naturally occurring nutrients.

The blends of cold pressed coconut, dilo, macadamia and sikeci nuts revered for their medicinal and beautifying properties contribute pure nourishment, moisturisation, nutrition and protection.  Deep-sea plants provide protection from the inevitable aging effects of the sun and the inimitable Ngi grass – living within reach of the ocean spray – contribute to the formula for enhanced hydration and drastically improved moisturisation.

Land and Sea providing all that is needed for good health with pure and natural body care. This is the Pacific way - the way body care should be - naturally.   Pure Fiji passion for its products has led to new and exciting opportunities for all the people involved in the process. And, as a consequence of this passion and team effort - their product now reaches across the globe as an ambassador for the beauty of the Island home and culture.

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